During times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act
George Orwell

police open letter

send to the local police station no name required.

school covid-19 letter

give to the headmaster, school nurse and form tutor.

notice for employers

say no to testing, vaccines and mask wearing at work.

notice for automobile

place in a window or any other visible place.

No Consent - NHS Data Sell

say no to medical data being sold.

Help With Debts

Water Bills

Reduce household outgoings by challenging their unethical and unlawful conduct and services.

Income Tax Bills

Remove all income tax liability without paying a penny and staying in honour with the tax office.

Debt Collectors

Stop debt collectors dead in their tracks. Remove all threats of debt and loss of property.

Council Tax Bills

Taxing Your Home is illegal. Learn How to Stop Paying Cancel Tax Today. Find out more.

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