Public Notice Number 2

Issued Moto Proprio


tina marie of the family godfrey

on her

Declaration of True Status to all Legal Fictions

I am a woman created by God as Female. I am a living, breathing, flesh and blood Woman. I am known as tina marie of the family godfrey. I am living on the earth at/on the c/o address of 8 Grove Close, Totnes, in the county of Devon, England non-domestic. As clearly stated in the Holy Bible (KJV) Genesis Chapter 1:26-28 God has given me dominion over my life and over every ‘creeping thing and every ‘living thing’ that ‘creepeth’ upon the earth.

Therefore, all man[kind], the principal(s), officer(s), employee(s) and agent(s) of any and all legal fictions, companies, organisations, and corporations, such as the CROWN CORPORATION of the CITY OF LONDON are herein and hereon advised and notified that:

1) I am a Free Woman created as female by God. Pursuant to God’s word and command I have the right to be master of my life on the earth. You are to address me as ‘tina marie of the family godfrey’ henceforth in all spoken and written communication, letters and documents – anything else to the contrary notwithstanding; and,

2) it is clear to me that Elizabeth II of the House of Windsor, sovereign lady and The Queen of England did on the 2nd June 1953 take oath to protect the law(s) of God in her televised coronation, which was clear for all to see and witness. The Men, created as male or female acting as Archbishop of Canterbury, Pope Francis and members of parliament have also taken similar oaths. All their agents, officers and principals are bound by these oaths to act pursuant to and protect God’s Law and keep God’s Peace; and,

3) it is clear to me that The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, Sovereign Lady of the House of Windsor who did in her televised coronation, on the 2nd June 1953 take oath to protect the law(s) of God is not the same being as ‘Her Majesty in Rite [Right] of England’, which it is clear is a CROWN CORPORATION of the Inner CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION, an independent nation-state. As a corporation, THE CROWN requires contracts to operate and contracts require wilful consent. I am not an employee of any such named/titled corporations; and,

4) it is my clear and unequivocal intent to keep God’s Law/Peace and to assist the Queen of England in keeping her oath and her Peace. We have been created to live in love, harmony and peace with each other. Any and all serious breaches of Gods Law and/or Common law, which are not given remedy via the Queens Bench Division of the High Court can and must be reported to Sir Edward Young who holds the Court office of Private Secretary to the Sovereign. It is his duty to ensure that the Queen’s coronation oath(s) is kept in honour and upstanding; and,

5) you are all individually and collectively bound to honour and keep: God’s word, God’s Law, Gods Peace as clearly stated in The Holy Bible Genesis 1: 26-28 and the oath that the Queen of England took at her coronation forthwith and forevermore; and,

6) you are all individually and collectively duty-bound to fully support and assist me to keep Gods Law and keep Gods Peace in thought, in mind, in spirit, in matter and in Law herein, hereon, henceforth and forevermore; and,

7) you are all individually and collectively to Stop and Desist from any and all; thoughts, beliefs, acts, moves, attempts to cause me to be or to actually harm; my mind, my body, my spirit, my interests, my properties, my assets and/or my dominion as commanded/established by God (Genesis 1: 26-28) forthwith and forevermore; and,

8) you are all individually and collectively to Stop and Desist from any and all; thoughts, beliefs, acts, actions, moves and/or attempts to pirate, privateer, persecute and /or prosecute myself tina marie godfrey, a free Woman created by God as female. If you knowing and/or unknowing do so, you are acting contrary to Gods Law as clearly expressed, for all to clearly see in The Holy Bible Genesis 1:26-28. You will have breached God’s will, his command and his peace; and,

9) I herein and hereby revoke any and all ‘implied right of access‘, you may think and/or believe you have to my private property and the land that I am currently living on. Therefore, if you or them come unto that land without my prior written permission then you will be ‘trespassing’ on that land/ private property. Stop and Desist from any and all transgressions and trespassing immediately; and,

10) to have any ill will, frivolity, vexation, pirating, soliciting, privateering, persecution and/or prosecuting knowingly or unknowingly against a sovereign man/woman created by God is dishonouring Gods; will, word, command, Law and Peace. I do not and will not give consent to any such offers and/or errors to do so. They will be returned to you ‘No Consent/No Contract’. You have been advised and notified. Govern yourself accordingly henceforth and forever; and,

11) any and all signatures, agreements, and/or contracts that may have been made with you, your principle(s), officer(s) and/or agent(s) were made without full disclosure to me, especially if and when you, your principle(s), officers and/or agent(s) had constructed, construed, written and/ or executed them under seal or as a deed, which therefore required no ‘consideration’ on your part -as this material fact was not disclosed to me at that time they are Void Ab Initio; and,

Furthermore, be advised that:

  1. a) if you, your principle(s), officer(s) and/or agent(s) wish to ignore, dispute and/or contest any and/or all of the aforementioned points, you will be acting contrary to God’s Law and thus be in dishonour. Therefore, I place you on Strict Notice to demonstrate in writing to me within 10 days of the date of this Public Notice for all to clearly see what authority you claim that is above GOD and which allows you to breach his command, his Peace and bring his Law into disrepute and dishonour; and,
  2. b) Pope Francis has ‘removed’ immunity from prosecution for all public servants/ officers and agents in his first Apostolic letter established on the 11th July 2013, promulgated on the 13th August 2013 and effective in Law from the 13th September 2013. Private prosecutions for breaches are now possible for all corporate officers/agents/employees individually or collectively. You have been advised and notified. Govern yourself accordingly; and,
  3. c) if you choose to act contrary to God’s law as per Genesis 1:26-28 you, your principle(s), officer(s) and/or your agent(s) will be individually and/or collectively prosecuted in the court(s) of competent and correct jurisdiction. In this case the Queens Bench Division of the High Court, highest Papal Courts of the Holy See and/or the Vatican Furthermore, Sir Edward Young who holds the Court office of Private Secretary to the Sovereign – The Queen of England, Elizabeth of the House of Windsor will be notified of your breaches of Common Law, which she has taken oath to defend; and,

This I decide and establish, anything to the contrary notwithstanding.

I establish that this Public Notice issued Motu Proprio will be promulgated by its publication on the internet website entering into force on sixteenth day of the month of May, two thousand and twenty. All words, terms, phrases, symbols, and herein mean what I say they mean and are not open to interpretation. 

If you wish to comment on or object to this notice please write, by 26th day of May 2020 directly to me, stating the grounds of objection to c/o 8 Grove Close, Totnes, Devon England non-domestic, quoting the reference

Given in England, at the c/o address of 8 Grove Close, Totnes, in the county of Devon on 16th May 2020.

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal; Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent