5g & wireless radiation

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The Wireless Radiation (5G) Liability Notice delivers a powerful message to those advertently or inadvertently causing harm or trespass, and that by doing so, will result in them being held individually liable.

Each Round Explained

It is highly unlikely that you will receive a response, this is a good indication of success. The respondents may well remain silent through fear of self incrimination. Our notices contain some hard truths spelling out a massive fraud and injustice through which the respondents are a guilty party.

As we operate in good faith and honour, we ensure that we give plenty of opportunity for the respondents to provide a remedy, this is done through a three-stage process.

If they do not respond, or if they provide an insufficient response. For example; if they fail to rebut the Witness Statement, or offer blanket denials and not applicable statements, or send responses from a third party who lack first-hand material factual knowledge. The respondent agrees, by default, with all of the terms and provisions set out in the Liability Notice.

Each Round Explained 

Round One – Liability Notice for Non-Consent, Harm, Trespass, Injury by Wireless Radiation.

The Liability Notice is the initial document, together with the Witness Statement and supporting evidence outlines the harm or injury being caused.

These initial documents allow the respondents 21 days to rebut our claims.

Round Two – If after 21 days there is no response, the respondents are now in dishonour of the contract that they initially instigated. At this point we send a second notice extending the time period a further 10 days for response.

Round Three -Final Notice. If after the 10 day extension period there is still no response, a third and final notice will be sent. This is the last opportunity offered to the respondents who proposed the initial offer to contract.

If they choose again not to respond or send an insufficient response as outlined in the Liability Notice, they are in default and the terms that we have stipulated in the Conditional Acceptance now lawfully stand. It is at this point that you will want to record all your paperwork with your local County Court. They will stamp your original documents and you must stipulate that the County court takes a photocopy to be held on your file.

The importance of getting the courts to hold a copy of your documents on public record shows evidence of the entire case from start to finish, demonstrating that those offering the initial contract are no longer communicating in honour, have left the battlefield and abandoned their claim. The judge is operating in maritime jurisdiction and does not operate under justice, only contracts.

If you have demonstrated good faith and honour throughout the entire contractual process, the judge must close the case in your favour. He is not concerned with the contents of the case only that the documents were initially signed for, that you have acted in honour and the respondent(s) have not. Once the documents have been recorded in the County courts, they attach themselves to the property of the respondent(s) until remedy has been found, and can then be pursued by numerous people such as debt collectors for up to 99 years.

Sending Your Documents

When it comes to sending your documents, three options are available to you. This option will cost around £7 per envelope,  plus the additional cost of ink and paper. Keep this in mind when choosing how many people to send your documents to. Through our automated system, you can choose up to four respondents.
If you choose this method, go to the Post Office and send your documents by Special Delivery. See image below.

Be sure to keep the receipt, this provides you with a tracking number which you can search on the Royal Mail website and it will tell you when the document has been received, and who signed for them.

This becomes an important piece of evidence, proving that an autograph has already been created and the terms and conditions outlined in the Liability Notice have now been accepted, without the envelope ever being opened.

Visit Royal Mail’s website around 3-4 days after sending, enter in your Special Delivery reference number and you will be able to print and/or save the signatures of receipt as evidence.

2. Send through private courier

Private couriers are available and can be found online. This service means that your documents will either be received the same day or next day delivery. Prices vary depending on the distance of each respondent. Make sure that you receive proof of delivery together with a copy of the signature of the recipient who received your notice.

3. Send via email

This is the most cost-effective and quickest way to send your documents. If you have access to a scanner then it is recommended that you print off the pages that require witnessing and autographing then scan these back into your computer ready to send with your liability package. This is also useful if you wish to send the one drive evidence that we provide to you via email.

Printing, Witnessing and Autographing

Printing – Depending on whether you want to post or email your documents will determine the cost and time involved. For each set of documents there are approximately 20 pages. Bare this in mind when choosing how many respondents to send your documents to. The automated system allows for up to four respondents.

If you choose to send through the post make one copy as a master file with the wet ink autograph and witnessing and then make the relevant copies. Keeping the original safe in a file.

If you choose to send your documents through email then it is possible to only print the autograph pages on the Liability Notice and the Witness Statement. Once autographed these pages will need to be scanned and uploaded to your computer so they are available to email to your respondents together with the rest of your documents.

Witnessing – You will need to know two reliable people of good character, they play an important role in witnessing your autograph on all your documents. Your witnesses can be anyone who you have regular contact with ie friends or family and can be anyone from your household as long as they are over 18 years old.

Autographing – Never sign the documents and never use cursive (joined-up) writing.  Signing signifies sinning. Writing in cursive signifies cursing.

Liability Notice – Autograph in Upper and Lowercase using blue ink :John-michael:Doe.

Witness Statement – Autograph in Upper and Lowercase using :John-michael:Doe.

The same applies to your witnesses also. This video explains how and why we autograph our names this way.

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