Affidavit of Truth

Public Record


County of Devon

Before me, the undersigned Notary                                                 , on this                   day of            2020, stands tina-marie: godfrey, a woman known to me to be both credible and full age of majority: and who being by me duly sworn on her oath deposes and says: 

Based upon tradition or a presumed connection of my true intrinsic “private” nature to a foreign-bourne entitlement of libelous “public” reputation, it is commonly held by the courts that I am Beneficiary to a legislative act or creation recognised as TINA MARIE GODFREY  et al – DOB 11/02/1978.

I do not promise, donate, volunteers, or sacrifice my true intrinsic “private” nature for the sake, security, service, safety, or salvation of another for I am not a public or foreign servant, soldier, sailor, salvor, or savior and any claim to the contrary must be proved by payroll records and sworn to under the penalty of perjury with full personal liability or it is in violation of my natural law rights.

I am not party, privy or partial to, including but not limited to, any public or foreign, aid, award, agency, association, book, bounty, brand, belief, corpus, colony, capital, conveyance, constituency, commission, corporation, commerce, confession, denomination, deposit, devise, dependency, election, enterprise, establishment, employment, franchise, foundation, ground, grant, gist, guild, initiation, information, institution, interment, impressment, livery, legion. mortgage, monument, material, occupation, ordinance, order, post, proctor, privilege, pilgrimage, parsonage, premises, principal, property, settlement, situation, syndicate, subscription, succession, standard, vestment, vestige, or “Nation under God”.

By my own free will and hand as presumed Beneficiary to a legislative act or creation recognised as TINA MARIE GODFREY et al, I fully and forever waive any relative benefit or benefice from the beginning for I am while in mind/body/spirit consisting of only one true intrinsic “private” nature living here an now upon the land as a non-belligerent state.

Finally, I declare each fact alleged herein to be true and of my own genuine knowledge or experience and all claims to the contrary are absolutely against my will, misrepresentative, unconscionable, fraudulent, self-destructive, seditious, trespass, insane, or void prima facie for lack of full disclosure.

Further, This Affiant Sayeth Nothing