About Just Water

Just Water supplies a range of wonderfully pure, still and sparkling natural spring water, backed up by a family firm that is passionate about what they do and dedicated to delivering customer service that is second to none. Launched in 2001, Just Water has since grown to become one of the region’s leading natural spring water companies, serving a wide range of businesses across the South West.

The company is known as Just Water - because that is exactly what is in it - just natural spring water. The quality and purity of our water come from deep under the local countryside, becoming filtered through and enriched with minerals, as it makes its way to the surface. Just Water is sourced and bottled in Bodmin.

For water to have the biggest health benefits for the body, it needs to mirror the body’s own make-up of natural elements as closely as possible. The reality is that when analysed, water has different values for its constituent parts. Just Water Sodium rating is perceived as low for salt intake, making our water ideal for those on low salt diets. Similarly, the pH value for Just Water water is also close to the body’s natural pH of 7.0. What all this means is that Just Water is proven natural spring water that will complement the body.

Collection Points

  • Every Thursday at 7.30 pm at the Union Inn Pub 17 Underwood Rd, Plympton, Plymouth PL7 1SY.
  • Every Sunday at 10.00 am Freedom Fields Park 80 Lipson Rd, Plymouth PL4 8RJ.

Bottle Recycling & Deposit System

Just Water operates a bottle recycling system which means you are asked for an £8 deposit per bottle which is returnable when bottles are returned to the collection point.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.