Step 1.

Get Passport Photo for your Declaration


A passport photograph will be used for your Witness Testimony. This will be stuck onto your document and sent to your closest recrding office. In step 7. 

Step 2.

Remove Yourself off the Electoral Roll


By “registering” to vote you were pledging yourself, your labour, your property assets, and everything else to the British Crown Corporation — and are being transported, that is, trafficked, off the land and into the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

Contact every council you have ever lived in and ask if you are on the electoral roll. If you are, request in writing that you be removed immediately. Ask for confirmation that you have been de-registered.

Step 3.

Complete Your Documents 


Secure two Witness Testimonies from people who have “reasonable first-hand knowledge” of you and your family, who can affirm that you are “the” living man or woman whose birth occurred at such and such a time and place and to your parents, etc.

This establishes the fact that you are the presumed “Donor” of the property referenced by the BC and also establishes your standing to sue these criminals.

You will need a small color or black and white photo of yourself copied onto the paper that your Witnesses will autograph

You should autograph your name in blue ink.  Be sure to include your copyright symbol after your name.  Don’t forget your red thumbprint seal.  When editing the templates, be sure to remove the word Seal from the document. 

 The autograph should be:

 by: First Middle Name ONLY – NO SURNAMES,  a copyright symbol©, and a red ink thumbprint which should touch your autograph. Complete your autograph with the words;

All Rights Reserved

Without Prejudice

Step 4.

File Your Documents 


Once your paperwork is complete send it through the post to yourself using RECORDED MAIL has been sent to yourself.

Keep the mailing receipt safe. The recorded mailing number can now be logged on our block chain technology together with your One Page Document and Witness testimony (ONLY DO NOT SEND IN ANY OTHER DOCUMENTS)

Your new status will now be recorded on our block chain platform.

For £25 a credential card can be sent to you. This can be used as authentication with police and judges and border control.