Debt Collectors

An effective three-letter process to send to debt collectors, proven to be a successful process to stop debt collectors instantly, without any recourse.

Letter 01. –  This letter politely thanks the debt collecting agency for buying your debt. It also removes the debt collectors right to access your property.

Letter 02. This letter requests a data subject access request also known as a freedom of information request. This is your lawful and legal right to obtain proof the debt collector obtained a contract was entered with you, which of course they cannot provide. 

Letter 03. This letter outlines to the debt collector your intent to prosecute. It includes a fee schedule for your time dealing with the debt collection agency.

Ideal to use if you have not contracted with the debt collector in the past. Send within 14 days of each other via special delivery. Autograph your name all lower case. Christian names only in red ink. ie john michael. Free when you sign up for our free membership see below.


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What People are Saying

£80,000 cleared”

“This process cleared  £80,000 of my Natwest credit card debt”


“Highly Recommend”

“Great service, I only needed to send letter one and all debt collectors stopped. “


“This works!”

“Debt Collectors are illegal and unlawful. We all need to know how to stop them. .”