Help With Debt Collectors

Debt Collector Letter and Door Notice

An effective three-letter process to send to debt collectors, proven to be a successful process to stop debt collectors instantly, without any recourse with the debt paid.

Simply add your personal details to each letter and send.

  • When a debt has gone to debt collectors the debt has been paid.
  • No contract exists between you and the debt collector, and you never agreed for them to buy your debt.
  • Never open the door to a debt collector.
  • If you choose communicate only do so by letter.
  • Never agree you owe any money to a debt collector and do not acknowledge debt. This means you are telling the debt collector you owe them something.
  • Simply download the letter template provided and send by signed for post.
  • The template can be used multiple times and shared with family and friends who need help.

These templates only work for debt collectors and not bailiffs. 



What People are Saying

£5,000 cleared”

“Tried this process for the first time and cleared a £5,000″


“Best Kept Secret”

“Credit Card gone – best kept secret, not anymore!! Awesome” Sara