Income Tax Relief

Due to the 1933 gold abolishment a lawful way to pay your debts has been taken away. What we have now as money is nothing more than money, a promise to pay. Take a pound note out of your pocket it is right infront of you. I promise to pay the bearer. It is debt and you cannot pay a debt with a debt.

When gold was abolished in 1933 a remdy had to be given so that the act of stealing everyone’s wealth was not deemed illegal/criminal or unlawful. A remedy kept from millions of people worldwide that could have prevented millions starving in the Great Depression.

The hidden remedy in the public would cause a banking collapse so for this reason we have to disclose it in the private to protect everyone involved. The process is 100% lawful and legal and uses the power of House Joint Resolution 192 an executive order given by President Roosevelt and the Bills of Exchange Act 1882.

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