Killing Off The Creditors

In January and February 2020, we saw a lot of business savvy people leave the market. And, in March 2020, we saw our healthcare system shut down, together with small businesses, and small farms across the board. Throwing both the emerging markets and many small businesses into debt. 

This was a planned global shut down; to restructure the global economy, make people dependent on the system, bring in more control for their supposed “CHATTEL property” and to bring in mandatory vaccinations. 

COVID-19 stands for Certificate of Vaccination Identification 2019. 

The Coronavirus, not to be confused with the vaccination program Covid-19 is an “enhanced” (Patented) variety of the Common Cold. 

On a case by case basis, the death rate is the same or lower than the Common Cold which kills about 0.02%, or one-fiftieth of one percent of the global population each year. 

If you have ever had a Common Cold you will have Coronavirus present in your body. Everybody has Coronavirus in their body, we are all asymptomatic. 

“Asking if someone has Coronavirus, is like asking if they have cells” – Says, Catherine Austin Fitts

We’ve been committing economic suicide for months based on nothing but sensationalised lies through our media and Governments, meanwhile, they are busy stealing your assets and redefining you as a Special Access Vehicle so that they can milk you for every ounce of your being. 

Have you ever been so afraid of the Common Cold that you would hunker down in your house for three months, close your business, and lose your job and go bankrupt?

Yet, that’s what people have done, under the lash of a gigantic disinformation campaign from our media and Government, If only people did some research for themselves they would find that the Centre of Disease Control (CDC) stated on 19th March 2020, just a few days before Boris Johnson shut the entire country down that: 

“COVID-19 was no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease.”

What we are really are seeing is a re-engineering/restructuring of the global financial system, governance system, together with a depopulation agenda to kill off us the creditors off. The elitist (w)bankers, do not necessarily want or need a new currency system. Instead, they want a system where 7 billion people around the planet are literally controlled and integrated into a cloud which can operate with an all-digital system, it is the equivalent of a credit card on a company store, it’s a control system, a slavery system. 

The United Nations, for some people, conjure up images of a benevolent organisation intended for the preservation of human life wherever conflict occurs, and of encouraging international cooperation and peace. Far from this peaceful image is their little published plan to depopulate 95% of the world by 2030. This UN plot is called Agenda 21. Local government implementation of Agenda 21 was prepared by ICLEI for the Earth’s council Rio +5 forum. April 13-19th 1997 at Rio De Janeiro Brazil for the 5th session of the UN commission of Sustainable Development and for the UN General Assembly’s Earth Summit +5 Special Session.

This gives a clearer view of your own more recent history and the difficulties of what we are engaged in. It is a very tall order, a true spiritual war in which witches and sorcerers who engage in Black Magic and blood sacrifices do things like candlelit parades around effigies of Dead Babies at Olympic events.

In order for the people to be truly free, the entire Babylonian Slave System of enfranchisement and impersonation has to be broken and both the Vatican and the House of Wettin taken down.

Awareness is Job One and finding ways to fully inform the people and the members of Parliament about this now largely hidden and forgotten “enemy within the royal house” and the impact this has had and continues to have on England, Europe, and the rest of the world is difficult.

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