Modern Day Slave Bonds – CUSIP Numbers

We see our slavery playing out in the present day in the form of slave bonds, also known as CUSIP bonds, they are created with each birth registration and traded through the Bank of New York and the Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce. The profit is funneled to the Vatican Bank where it is laundered and sent to the Bank of Canada, the Queen and the CROWN take their cut and the balance is then returned to the Bank of New York, funding the Government.

CUSIPS are bank registry numbers that attach collateral to debts so that they can be securitised and traded. They are the equivalent of Bar Codes on products. Our CUSIP number is our slave number.

An AUTOTRIS number attaches you to your credits earned, but they aren’t YOUR credits unless you claim the PERSON. The Reserve banks are, currently standing in as a Third Party Agent and placing a value on your NAME and all that it stands for, your land, your labour, your potential earnings, your home, and everything you will pay for in the future. Issuing credit in your NAME, making you a perpetual DEBTOR.

With this current system – the more transactions you make, you go deeper into debt. This is how the “national debt” becomes so huge, especially when you are adding interest payments to all this.

Please share this with all your Barrister friends and all the Judges and Justices in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. It won’t take them long to connect the dots and follow the crumbs back to Whitehall —and then it remains to be seen, how, once everyone realises the depth and breadth of the fraud, we may recoup upon it, lawfully convert everything, and everyone come out ahead in the end.

What we’ve discovered is that all of this “mischief” is linked back to insurance and “indemnity” schemes that got started in the 1720’s, when people started purchasing “bottomry bonds” on non-existent ships.

This same scheme was resurrected and applied to “Special Purpose Vehicles” on the land.

They set up corporations and name them after living people, so as to impersonate the people. A process they call “enfranchisement”. Then, they bring claims in commerce against these corporations owned and bonded by Third Parties, as if the assets belonged to the corporations, and not to the living people. These are easily recognisable as crimes of both personage and barratry against the living people.

There, in England, you have a record of the debate that went on about this scandalous abuse — the Disraeli v. Gladstone discourses, which have to be deciphered with the understanding that the argument is not actually about voting rights for labourers, but about commercial “enfranchisement” fraud upon the working classes– and press-ganging of land assets. This includes false claims upon their labour assets and the ability to force conscription upon them via “military draft” as well as theft of their homes and land assets as chattel for the perpetrators to borrow against.

Queen Victoria used this method to fraudulently finance the Raj takeover of India and guaranteed Whitehall’s ability to enforce this fraud and peonage against her own people in complete dereliction of her duty as a Christian Monarch.

Secondarily, these crimes against the soil and land jurisdiction open a wide pathway to promote money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, and probate fraud —- all of which have been practiced against the people of the entire world, including England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

If you look into the history of any little scrap of our “fair land” you will find up to six layers of “titles”. The existence of such “titles” are solid evidence that your land and soil assets have been placed in trust — inappropriately, it turns out — without your conscious knowledge or consent, for several generations. Each layer represents a transfer of title to another “trust organisation”, which typically issues a new “land description” — that is, a new “title” to the land when they take over as trustees.

What started out as a small village in Cornwall — and still physically is — “Pennywaithe Upon the Meers” — goes through a progression of new descriptions (which are titles) that are disguised as parcel numbers, street numbers, utility service districts, and on and on. As this process progresses the actual ownership of the land and soil becomes more and more clouded and the people innocently living in what they believe are homes they inherited in Cornwall, are progressively burdened down with more and more taxes while they themselves, the “presumed Donors” in this scheme, are regarded as unknown foreign tenants on their own land, and subjected to statutory laws meant to apply only to incorporated entities.

This fraud has to be stopped and we have to sort this out in favour of the living people. There is a great deal more that goes into it, but this is the basic outline of what has gone on and regrettably, is still ongoing. The courts, especially the Maritime Courts (Administrative Tribunals), have been highly complicit in this, and have outrageously presumed upon the people of Britain for the past hundred and fifty years.

With the advent of the Belgian Electronic Asset Settlement and Transfer (BEAST) program, matters get even worse.

Now the same parties who secretively “took title” to our land and soil assets via processes of non-disclosed and unconscionable contracts, set up an electronic trading platform for all these False Titles purportedly owned by non-existent corporations and their vacuous Trustees, and have used these trading platforms as casinos. This is the modern -day version of the Papal Bull – Romanus Pontifex being played out.

In North America, there is a similar system called “MERS”, and when we delved into it, we found that technically, MERS hasn’t existed and hasn’t been the responsibility of anyone since 1997, yet titles to land are routinely submitted via MERS and transferred using this system, just as properties in Europe, Asia, and Africa are supposedly being traded and transferred by the BEAST system.

At the end of the day, it’s all nothing but fraud, fraud, and more fraud. It’s fraud first and foremost against the actual Landlords who are living people owed the enjoyment of their assets, and fraud against the courts being called upon to take this seriously and accept responsibility to administer the enforcement of the fraud, and finally, fraud upon all the investors who are being snookered into buying this “underwater” real estate.