Private Membership

£25 per month


Regular online webinars and training material, taking you through a comprehensive step-by-step guide to cancelling debt collectors,  dealing with parking tickets, council tax, fines and more. Everything you will ever need to take on your own private clients. Giving you a full-time income.

Debt Collector Templates

Free to private members, this powerful three letter template to stop debt collectors dead in their tracks.

The Best Law Literature Available Spanning 300 Years

A vast number of law literature spanning three centuries; Black’s Law Dictionaries editions one to nine, Halsburys Laws of England Encyclopedias , Gilbert Law Summaries, law books on trusts, living in the private , Talmudic Law to the street value of £10,000.

Income Tax Help

Free to private members, a discreet and private method to discharge income tax.

Over 700 Free Legal Letters and Guides

Over 700 Legal template letters for topics such as debt collectors, traffic offences, automobile notices, banking, loans, debts, trusts, promissory notes, affidavits, liability notices, open letters. Estimated cost from a solicitor to produce these letters £7,000.

Water Bills

Free to private members find out to save thousands on water rates.