Stop Paying Water Bills


It is a well-known fact that we drink recycled toilet water. For years we have been aware that estrogen affects the hormones of men, also found in our drinking water. Fluoride has been added to our drinking water for years now. Under the guise of protecting teeth and preventing cavities now evident that such additives have been responsible for the current decline in mental health.

Then there is the concern that since that current ‘pandemic’ we now face ingesting the ingredients of the injectable/gene therapy aka ‘vaccine’ through our vital drinking supply.


Now more than ever there is a need to demand that our water companies return our drinking water to a safe and clean standard.

Our 'Demand Clean Drinking Water' campaign does just that. Our two-step process clearly outlines to your water board that we are happy to pay once they honour your original contract and deliver safe water to your home free from dangerous chemicals and poisons.

Step one: Request a chemical breakdown from your water board company.

Step two: Explains that you are lawfully withholding payment until clean and safe drinking water is restored.