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Due to the research capabilities of people like the German scientist Harald Kautz Vella and the alternative media, a substance known as Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15, or Black Goo is becoming a hot topic. 

Chemical a0-3959X.91 – 15 – black goo – Found naturally in the lay lines of our planet, this substance is said to store our entire magnetic field structure. It actively hoovers up information from surrounding causes and effects, copies this information and further replicates it into the cosmos. It’s instinctual intelligence explains how our entire planetary system has been created. Black Goo holds the entire building blocks of our biosphere and of every ingredient known in the human body. 

Black goo has been found in two forms

Black goo from mother earth – Mother earth Black Goo, found naturally in rock formations and the veins of our planet, processes information like a mirror and aligns with the 7 continents of the world and the 7 chakras of the body, using the chakra colour spectrum and the electromagnetic field of the planet.

Holding a stone containing this natural Black Goo will mirror your energetic system, reconnecting with every cell in your body. You will feel the whole spectrum of the life force of the planet. To be around this stone connects you to the immortal knowledge of what we have lost. This is why we enjoy spending time in nature, here we feel a complete reconnection with life. 

Black Goo can be found in the egg shell of a bird and this explains how such a tiny species has more instinctual survival techniques from birth than that of a new-born mammal. Combined with the amazing mapping capabilities that birds possess, Black Goo begins to demonstrate how being born close to this substance can allow for a subconscious knowledge, that we cannot match as humans.

black goo from meteorites – When studied in a laboratory, there appears to be an alternative to the mother earth form of Black Goo. It is also self-aware and carries a very highly developed intelligence, but functions differently. It uses only the 3 colours of our seven chakras (brain, life force and sexuality), omitting the heart chakra. This field of consciousness is extremely aggressive. When in contact with this outer-space Black Goo, your heart chakra and intelligence chakra, found in the stomach, shut down and you mimic aggressiveness and show no empathy towards others.

When you look throughout history, it seems Black Goo can be found in all religious & political buildings around the world. History books write of a meteorite storm around 8,000 BC and the Black Stone of Mecca (or Kaaba Stone) is also known as the meteorite stone. All Muslims are expected to visit this stone at least once in their lifetime. Muslims will always slaughter animals by turning the throat towards the stone. They believe the black stone collects the pain and mirrors the sub consciousness. They feel they need the animal to be in full consciousness so that they feel fear as they die, this fear energy is then in the meat and replicates in human behaviours through our alchemy.

where to find black goo

Scientists discovered half a tonne of Black Goo in a World War II underground bunker in Bavaria, Germany and a further Black Goo deposit has been found in Paraguay near the Bush family and Angela Merkel, Germany´s prime minister overseas residence. The scientific name for black goo is Sapient Oil. The patent for this substance is here.

black goo quantum computing – Black Goo has the ability to run as a natural quantum computer, processing light as information, using our entire spectrum of visible light sources. It runs on all 7 colours, connecting to our 7 chakras. It has a unique ability to process all 7 colours simultaneously. There are 5 known quantum computers running on Black Goo on our planet, which can be found in Central London, the Vatican, Germany, Washington and New York.

The media has shown this substance through films such as Prometheus, Spiderman, Venom, The Matrix, Lucy, The X Files, Helix and many more. 

 ‘life is first created within the planet when water and CO2 is forming this type of Black Goo oil, in transmutation processes. We went through these process in the lab and replicated them, and I am very sure about this part. And then, this type of Black Goo at a certain point is exiting the Earth and coming up into the oceans (called a “black smoker”) and this is where geologists say that this was the place where the first life forms appeared, as the repetitive light particles started to modify…

Just like a divide in oil, cell division brings life onto our planet. What this created, is that basically the entire Biology on the surface of the planet is interconnected with the Black Goo within the planet on a kind of mirror function, everything we think and feel (everything that is processed within the light functions of humans) is sent down there and we conclusively have a hollow-fractor, immortal Being at the centre of the Earth, that knows and remembers everything. This is ultimately what gives the entire biosphere its instinct.’ – Harald Kautz Vella