Children of tomorrow I apologise to you

On behalf of those in my time

For the things we didn’t do

We didn’t stop the tyrants

So your fate could be prevented

We watched them steal our freedom

By our silence we consented

We didn’t choose to circumvent

The doom you’ve not escaped

While the Bill of Rights was murdered

And the Constitution raped

Some of us were lazy

Others too afraid

To think about our children

The ones we have betrayed

I guess we were too busy

To be concerned or care

To try to ease the burden

Of the chains we made you wear

We could have been good shepherds

When the wolf got in the fold

But we watched the flame of freedom die instead

And left you cold

I’m sorry we were timid

My selfish generation

We left you but a remnant

Of a free and prosperous nation

I’m sorry for our actions

Like cowards we behaved

We could have left you freedom

Instead you are enslaved

Children of tomorrow

Descendants of our land

I’m sorry we allowed this

The fate you now with stand