Geoengineering is defined as the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to counteract climate change. There are a wide range of geoengineering techniques proposed such as; Solar Radiation Management, Carbon Dioxide Removal, Earth Radiation Management, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, Cloud seeding and Solar Dimming. 

110 civil society organisations and popular movements demand an immediate stop to all open-air experiments as concerns are being raised about the risks, ethics, and governance of such operations in their manifesto Hands off Mother Earth.

Despite the mainstream media lying to the public claiming Geoengineering is to combat climate change, the hidden agenda of ionizing the sky, turning it into a huge plasma ‘ Smart Grid’ is not discussed. 

Many different energy and defence organisations are all working together to create a virtual space fence around Earth for FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE; communications, surveillance, control, command, and cyber warfare, also known in the military field as “C4”. This will connect anything and everything, including humans, plants, and animals to a globally controlled cloud called the ‘Internet of Things’ or ‘Smart Grid’. 

geoengineering & The Smart Grid

To operate the Smart Grid many ground and air components help charge the planet like a battery and antenna, among these are;

HAARP – Uses a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to beam pulses of polarised high-frequency radio waves into the ionosphere. These pulses can be finely tuned and adjusted so that the bounced ground beam can target a very specific area and for a specific length of time, anywhere in the world.

Bernard Eastlund openly mentions psychotronic resonance in his patents and that the brain works similar to a tuning fork and will resonate with frequencies played near it. So plans are underway to manipulate the torsion field created by HAARP to broadcast frequencies that will manipulate the environment and control human behaviour. The Smart Grid or space fence is designed to lock in and connect all energy.

The Navy’s rules for legal human experimentation in the US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights paper 2006 states they can use – “Severe or unusual intrusions meta-physical, psychological on human subjects such as consciousness-altering drugs or mind-control techniques”

According to, Elana Freeland author of the book Under an Ionized Sky, the metal particulates used to collect and transmit this technology have now created a ring around the equator of Earth, similar to Saturn. 

In 1912 Nikola Tesla saw ways to tame the sky to make the atmosphere glow.  He experimented with both high and low frequency and electromagnetic waves he envisioned alternating the weather and creating shields around the earth to protect us from missiles and he claimed he knew how to split the earth in two. Today Bernard Eastlund and the Navyhave been taking steps towards this.

“There were some other ideas to possibly modify the weather and finally to lift a portion of the upper atmosphere further out into space. It is possible with a big beam and take a bit part of that atmosphere and push it up”

Bernard Eastlund.

GWEN Towers – Once providing our television signals GWEN towers are now being used in conjunction with HAARP and emitting high levels of harmful frequencies into the atmosphere. Making everybody switch to digital TV allowed the government to use these towers for the new technology. Gwen towers are known to inflict harmful frequencies that can cause pain, addictions and alter moods. 

NEXRAD – A review of the actual NEXRAD radar feeds shows some very interesting activity taking place from the military radar stations. The powerful microwave energy pulses from the RADAR station caused electron cascade (stripping of electrons) in the atmosphere. This electron cascade process is proved to cause plasma heating in the atmosphere reaching above multiple hundreds of degrees.   Additionally, the ions which are stripped can produce MOISTURE condensation (CCN – Cloud Condensation Nuclei) which is the precursor to rain formation.

Satellites – We currently have hundreds of thousands of cubed satellites roughly about 12 inches squared orbiting the earth sending back thousands of images currently being sold to private companies. We are told that this technology can view a postage stamp from space, but that was a decade ago. Now, surveillance is more up close and personal as Nanoparticles, 80,000 times thinner than a blade of hair have invaded every cell of our body and filled our bloodstream with tiny sensors, computers, microprocessors, relaying huge amounts of data back to fusion centres across the world, every minute.  With the use of radio signal technology and pulsed frequencies, Nano-particles can send and transmit signals from within the DNA, affecting people neurologically altering moods and switching emotional frequencies from violent to passive and back again

Wind Farms – Since our atmosphere must be constantly ionized for the military’s technologies to work, wind farms are a popular modality as they produce millions of volts of static energy. Each time the blade propels, three pulses of electricity charges up into the atmosphere. The lightening effect is so short that we do not see them with the naked eye. The bigger the wind farm, the more volts can excite the electrons in the air. Countries are now competing to build the biggest wind farm.  The closer the technology is to the north and south pole the stronger the magnetic field. Scotland plans to build the biggest wind farm in the world. Being close to the north pole it has the benefit of increased control of the military grid.

Fracking – Plays a huge part in this agenda; oil wells are being tactfully insulated to ensure they maintain a resonance to the frequencies they wish to utilise. Industries are dumping huge amounts of salt and metal materials down oil wells, creating a pulse of 7.5- 12 hertz producing small-scale earthquakes. According to Elena Freeland, an expert researcher in this field says – “These activities have increased earth’s frequency from 7.83htz to almost 9htz, with which the human body is mirroring”

5G – Sold to us as faster download speeds is a military grade technology used in combat for the last few decades. With populations considered to be dangerously high new methods of controlling populations has been pushed forward by the United Nations and the Military. 5G uses millimeter technology communicates with the nano particulates coming out of the jets and just like an MMR scan will be able to feedback x-ray images and data on the entire civilian and will bring everything online as the ‘Internet of Things’.

morgellons disease caused by chemtrails and NanoTechnology

As our entire atmosphere is filling with nanotechnology, sea life, plant life, humans and every species on the planet is now faced with a new set of challenges. As biology adjusts it allows a fungus to grow to consumes the heavy metal fall out from jets, drones, and planes. This activity is now responsible for a disease known as Morgellons. Scientist such as Harald Kautz Vella, claim that 99% of us are affected by Morgellons, and in 1% of cases the body breaks out with red and blue nylon fibres. 

These “nano-machines” thrive in alkaline pH conditions and use the body’s bio-electric energy and other (unidentified) elements for power. There is some evidence that these tiny machines possess their own internal batteries. They are also believed to be able to receive specific tuned microwave, EMF and ELF signals and information.” – Morgellon’s Disease, April 2007. 

Harald Kautz Vella, also explains that “scientific testing shows that nano-particles can damage cell membranes; nano-particles enter also through the blood-brain barrier that should protect the brain. Nano-particles are shown to pass through the placenta that should protect the unborn baby from unwanted interference. It is shown that nano-particles and fibers can cause ROS and oxidative stress, which is the beginning stage of many illnesses.

Modern auto-immune diseases could all be connected with what we are breathing in as our immune system is struggling to recognise these foreign bodies. Cancer is another disease where we see a tenfold increase in cases corresponding to the increase in chemtrail activity and radiation technology we use today.

Clifford Carnicom, the leading expert and first scientist to discover Morgellons, found a direct correlation between the elements falling from the sky and the disease Morgellons and confirmed that the mysterious fibers falling out of the sky sent in by Terry Lawton in Wexford, Ireland in 2017 have the same elements as the fibers found coming out of the skin of Morgellons’ victims. Originally disclosed by the mainstream news as a tropical spider web, Clifford Carnicom confirms:

The filament material received in this case, in all respects known, is identical to that sent to the U.S. EPA close to 20 years ago. The material received from Ireland is NOT spider web material, and the observations on the ground reinforce that claim. All of the filament samples received are identical in all respects at the microscopic level. There are numerous reports on this site of detailed analyses of these environmental samples and their visual and general organic equivalence to biological filaments symptomatic of the Morgellons health condition has been established” Clifford Carnicom report. You may see this technology referred to as ‘Smart Dust’ or ‘Nanobots’. It is discussed in more detail in Nasa’s leaked paper and is being used in conjunction with 5G technology The wavelength of this technology is very dangerous to the human body, providing a 5g millimetre wavelength which is small enough to manoeuvre single particles of atoms, manipulate DNA and RNA and elect strong genes splitting our DNA into shreds and stopping evolution in its tracks. Nano-technology is being breathed through our lungs, through chemtrails, traveling into our blood-brain barrier and lodging in our brains. Medical professionals are reporting that unborn fetuses will now carry an altered gene due to this agenda.

Agri Giant Monsanto Chemtrailing Agent orange -1965-1969

Agent Orange, a chemtrail used from 1965 to 1969, by the Monsanto Company was one of 15 herbicides used by the U.S. military as a defoliant in the Vietnam War to protect and save the lives of U.S. and allied soldiers. It was a unique mixture of two common herbicides (2,4-D and 2,4,5-T ) The American military sprayed enormous volumes of defoliants/herbicides over Vietnamese forests and crops. It was intended to weaken the enemy by stripping away their hide-outs and cutting off their food supply. 

Agent Orange still has a massive impact on over 3 million Vietnamese people today. Soldiers who fought in the Vietnam war are still tested every 6 months to see if their bodies have been affected by Agent Orange as anyone who came in direct contact with this chemical suffered from problems such as cancer, diabetes and severe skin diseases. Those who went on to conceive children found that they, too, were often born with extreme birth defects, showing that the legacy continues down the generations.


Geoengineering time line 1841-Present
Despite the government making claims that geoengineering will be using a new modality to combat climate change. What is evident with only a few minutes of research is how long weather modification has been in operation. Patents show Rain Marking Devices back in 1914.

1841 – James Pollard Espy (or “The Storm King”) (May 9 1785 – January 24 1860) was a U.S. meteorologist who proposed burning forests on the west coast of the United States of America to increase rainfall on the east coast. Espy developed a convection theory of storms, explaining it in 1836 before the American Philosophical Society and in 1840.

1887 – Reroute warm ocean currents to melt the polar icecaps!
“How to Change the North American Climate,” announced the headline of one modest proposal published in The Atlantic. How indeed? It’s quite simple, says the study’s author: Reroute the Pacific Ocean’s warm Kuroshio Current through the Bering Strait.

1889 – Fire a Cannon to Tilt Earth’s Axis, Melt Poles CHAPTER XI “The idea followed by the Administrative Council of the N.P.P.A. and the object of which is to substitute a new axis for the old one is to be carried out by means of the recoil of a piece of ordnance fixed at a certain point of the earth.

1890-1892 – Gen. Robert St. George “Dry Hence Forth” DyrenforthIt is not surprising that European American settlers in the Great Plains, dependent on agriculture and plagued by drought, would develop an interest in rainmaking. The earliest attempts involved the concussion method, which was premised on the theory that gunpowder explosions triggered friction and generated nuclei to produce rain.

1891- An Ode to Pluviculture “The Rhyme of the Rain Machine” by F. W. Clarke Said Jeremy Jonathan Joseph Jones “The weather is far too dry, So I reckon I’ll have to stir my bones And try the effect of concussive tones Upon the lazy sky.” So Jeremy Jonathan Joseph went Away to the nearest town: And there his money was quickly spent For queer contraptions all intent To make the rain come down.

1891-1893 – “Ohio Rain Wizard” Frank Melbourne RAIN TO ORDER. An Interview With Frank Melbourne, the Rain King. CINCINNATI, July 3. — An evening paper publishes the following interview held with Frank Melbourne, the rain wizard, at Canton, O., Monday evening: Late this evening, during a drizzling rain, your correspondent called on Frank Melbourne, the storm wizard, at his quarters in the Hotel Yohe.

1891 – Effects of Rain-Making
Uncle Sam’s Rain: Prosperity. Politician’s Rain: Office. Miser’s Rain: Money. Merchant’s Rain: Orders. Farmer’s Rain: Crops. Spinster’s Rain: Angels? Babies?

1892 – Rain-Making Test Unpopular in Washington After a dry spell of many weeks, Washington caught a light rainfall last night, as the alleged result of the series of explosions which the experts of the Agricultural Department have been causing across the river.

1902 – Steiger Vortex Rain-Making Gun
The Steiger Vortex gun is a cone-shaped barrel, fabricated from sheet steel, designed as a rainmaking device. The gun was originally designed by Albert Steiger with the aim of preventing destructive hailstorms in a wine growing region of Austria. The firing of the cannon-like device caused a discharge of gas which set up vibrations in the clouds, causing rain.

1905 – Charles Mallory Hatfield “The Moisture Accelerator” Makes Rain For L.A., Floods San Diego
The indisputable fact is that Hatfield went into the hills nineteen times to bring on a rain, and nineteen times it rained when he promised. Last December a reward of $1000 was offered him, half as a joke, on condition that he make it rain eighteen inches in Southern California between December 15 and May 1.

1911-1914 – C.W. Post: Cereal Czar and Rainmaker he cereal manufacturer, C. W. Post of Texas, maintained belief in the concussion method. From 1911 to 1914, Post executed “rain battles” near Post City, Texas, detonating dynamite along the Caprock Escarpment. Inspired by an occasional rainfall, Post optimistically predicted that rainmaking would one day replace irrigation.

1912 – End Of Iceberg Menace!
A $190,000,000 Newfoundland Jetty Would Cause Axis to Shift, C. L. Riker Believes. END OF THE ICEBERG MENACE Plan to Send Gulf Stream Unchilled into Arctic’s Heart, Abolishing Fogs and Extreme Cold.

1929 –Space mirrors to focus sunlight and melt polar icecaps Proposed building giant mirrors on a space station to focus the Sun’s radiation on Earth’s surface, making the far North habitable and freeing sea lanes to Siberian harbors Hermann Oberth.

1934-1942 – Great Plains Shelterbelt and the Dust Bowl The Great Plains Shelterbelt was a project to create windbreaks in the Great Plains states of the United States, that began in 1934. President Franklin D. Roosevelt initiated the project in response to the severe dust storms of the Dust Bowl, which resulted in significant soil erosion and drought.

1945 –Nuke the Arctic to Melt the Poles Professor Julian Huxley, biologist and Secretary-General of UNESCO 1946–48, proposed exploding atomic bombs at an appropriate height above the polar regions to raise the temperature of the Arctic Ocean and warm the entire climate of the northern temperate zones.

1946 –Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation (FIDO) During world war two, fog was dispersed with a secret weapon called Fido. This stood for either “Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operations” or “Fog, Intensive, Disposal Of.” Calcium chloride sprays had shown some promise for absorbing fog in the 1930s but, by 1940, the only proven dispersal method was heating on a massive scale.

1946 Vincent Schaefer, Irving Langmuir, and Bernard Vonnegut invent Cloud Seeding Vincent Schaefer (1906–1993) discovered the principle of cloud seeding in July 1946 through a series of serendipitous events. Following ideas generated between himself and Nobel laureate Irving Langmuir while climbing Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, Schaefer, Langmuir’s research associate, created a way of experimenting with supercooled clouds using a deep free….

1947 Project Cirrus, First Hurricane Cloud Seeding Experiment The energy expended by a tropical hurricane is enough to drive all the machinery in the world for three or four years. Yet the Army, the Navy and General Electric Company are collaborating in a daring meteorological experiment which is to determine whether or not the colossal vortex that we call a hurricane can be broken by making it precipitate the thousands of tons …..

1948 Great Plan for the Transformation of Nature The Great Plan for the Transformation of Nature was proposed by Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union in the second half of the 1940s, for land development, agricultural practices and water projects to improve agriculture in the nation.

1948 – Present Contrail Cirrus Complaints Begin Nationwide Darn Sky Riders: Jet Trails Dim Sun, Palm Springs Gripes” As you know our entire economy is dependent upon tourist trade, which is predicated on our bright sunshine and warm climate. Recently our sky has resembled a mob of exuberant sky riders performing an aerial circus. The ‘contrails’ are breaking down into a haze and creating a cloud-like appearance in the sky……

1949 – Irving P. Krick’s Ground-based Cloud Seeder In December 1949 Krick suggested cloud seeding without resorting to airborne devices; his proposal employed ground-based smoke generators dispersing vaporized silver iodide. A single smoke dispenser set, asserted Krick, could be moved by two wheelbarrows; it theoretically provided cloud-seeding particles for an area of 240 square miles (620 km2). Tests demonstrated ….

1952-1965 Cloud Seeding Projects in the USA (1952-1965) Court, Arnold. Randomized cloud seeding in the United States. Proceedings of the Fifth Berkeley Symposium on Mathematical Statistics and Probability, Volume 5: Weather Modification, 237–251, University of California Press, Berkeley, Calif., 1967.

1952-1954-Project SCUD, US Navy Hurricane ModificationIn December 1949 Krick suggested cloud seeding without resorting to airborne devices; his proposal employed ground-based smoke generators dispersing vaporized silver iodide. A single smoke dispenser set, asserted Krick, could be moved by two wheelbarrows; it theoretically provided cloud-seeding particles for an area of 240 square miles (620 km2). Tests demonstrated..

1958- Metal particle space ring to melt the arctic M. Gorodsky and Valentin Cherenkov proposed placing a ring of metallic potassium particles into Earth’s polar orbit to diffuse light reaching Earth and increase solar radiation to thaw the permanently frozen soil of Russia, Canada, and Alaska and melt polar ice.

1958- Dam the Bering Strait, Use Nuclear-Powered Propellers to Melt Poles Arkady Markin, Soviet engineer; Proposed that the United States and Soviet Union build a gigantic dam across the Bering Strait and use nuclear power–driven propeller pumps to push the warm Pacific current into the Atlantic by way of the Arctic Sea. Arctic ice would melt, and the Siberian and North American frozen areas would become temperate and productive.

1958 – U.S. Navy Creates and Destroys Clouds Using Carbon Black “We dropped carbon black suspended in liquid, over a track a mile long and produced a solid line of clouds one mile long,” Dr. Florence Van Straten told a reporter. “When we dropped 1 1/2-pound dry packages of carbon black, we produced single clouds with each drop.” The navy team seeded seven clouds with carbon, and dissipated each of them in from 21/2 to 20 minutes.

1960 Project Firefly – Chemical Releases in Space Project Firefly 1960, the upper atmosphere chemical release program of the Geophysics Research Directorate, in cooperation with other participating agencies, has provided a systematic study of several types of upper atmosphere perturbations. Reports on reduced and interpreted data from a number of optical and radio-frequency stations have been prepared by participants….

1961-1969- Meteotron Jet Engines Create Clouds A French scientist, J. Dessens of the Observatoire du Puy de Dome, Clermont University, reports in Nature the discovery by accident of a way to make tornadoes artificially – and therefore of a means of studying the conditions under which they arise.

1961 President Kennedy United Nations Address On Weather Modification
f the Soviets control space they can control earth, as in past centuries the nation that controlled the seas dominated the continents.” Senator John F. Kennedy agreed during the 1960 presidential campaign. “To this end, we shall urge proposals extending the United Nations Charter to the limits of man’s exploration of the universe, reserving outer space for peaceful ….

1961-1963 Project West Ford 480,000,000 copper dipole antennas launched into orbit. The West Ford Needles project was an experiment to allow long distance communications by bouncing radio waves off of a band small wires (passive dipoles) cut to a specific length. In an attempt to lay a radio-reflective ring around the world, small metal dipole needs were allowed to sublimate out of a matrix.

1962- President Lyndon Johnson Approves Weather Warfare his subcommittee’s detailed summary statement Johnson proclaimed that our very future depended on being the ones who first seized ownership of space. “Control of space means control of the world,” Johnson declared. From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the……

1965 – Weather and Climate Modification: Report of the Special Commission on Weather Modification
The Honorable Leland J. Haworth Director National Science Foundation Washington, D. C. Dear Dr. Haworth: It is an honor to transmit herewith to the National Science Foundation the report of the Special Commission on Weather Modification, authorized by the National Science Board at its meeting on October 17-18, 1963, in accordance with Sections 3(a)(7) and 9 of the Nat ….

1979 – Weather may be unnaturally severe because of unnatural modification Admires noted that President Gerald Ford signed an international weather modification act in 1976 and shortly thereafter was able to ski on fresh snow at Vail. Colo. Rep. John Fowler, D-Newtown, observed that airlines, in ads for ski excursions, promise fresh snow or your money back.

1983-1986 The Russian Woodpecker, Chernobyl Meltdown, and Ionospheric Heating Over the USA (1983-1986)
Last Christmas the low temperature records in 21 states and 60 cities were broken. According to the National Severe Storms Forecast Center in Kansas City (MO) , twelve cities shattered all known records for record low December temperatures. While this was going on, December in Europe was unseasonably warm.

1989 – Department of Defense HAARP Steering Group – Joint Services Program HAARP HF Active Auroral Research Program – Joint Services Program Plans and Activities Summary of HAARP Steering Group Activities and Schedule Dec. 13, 1989: US Navy-Air Force meeting at Office of Naval Research to discuss mutual interests in carrying out a DoD program in the area of ionospheric modification.

1994 – FOIA Reveals U.S. Navy Weather Modification Program Still Active at China Lake
NON-LETHAL WARFARE PROPOSAL TITLE: WEATHER MODIFICATION PROPOSED BY: Code C2741 (Warhead Development Branch) NAWCWPNS, China Lake CA 93555-6001 CAPABILITY & USES: (1) To impede or deny the movement of personnel and material because of rains-floods, snow-blizzards, etc. (2) To disrupt economy due to the effect of floods, droughts, etc…..

1994 – The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is Operational
The HAARP facility becomes operational, with a radiated power of 960 kW. Multiple upgrades follow.

1994 – FOIA Reveals U.S. Air Force Paper “Counterforce Weather Control: SpaceCast 2020”
This paper proposes a counferforce weather control system (with both space and ground based segments) and identifies the prerequisites necessary for such a system to be feasible. Atmospheric scientists have pursued terrestrial weather modification in earnest since the 1940s, but have made little progress because of scientific complexities, legal battles, social concer

1995 – Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025US Air Force dreams of future weather warfare techniques. In 2025, US aerospace forces can “own the weather” by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications. Such a capability offers the war fighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible.

1997 – Doctor Evil’s Geoengineering Plan: From National Lab to Global Governance Teller, Wood, and Hyde from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory publish three papers on climate change, geoengineering, and national security. Ken Caldeira simulates a future geoengineered world (with a computer model) in the second published paper (1999) giving his stamp of approval. Full story below: “The whole game,” David Victor pointed out, “is about establish…

2001 – September 11, 2001 Airline Groundings: Contrails Affect Daily Temperature Range
All flights were grounded after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the twin towers. A team of NASA scientists noticed that it got much colder that night than usual. They came to the conclusion that cirrus clouds generated by aircraft contrails were trapping heat at night.

2003 – Critical Issues in Weather Modification Research“Although 40 years have passed since the first NAS report on weather modification, this Committee finds itself very much in concurrence with the findings of that assessment we conclude that the initiation of large-scale operational weather modification programs would be premature…..

2006 – HAARP Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI) Full Power HAARP IRI is completed, with 180 towers, 72’ tall, 80’ apart, each with two pairs of crossed dipole antennas (2.8 to 8.3 MHz)(7 to 10 MHz), and a radiated power of 3600 kW (3.6 Megawatts).

2008 – Department of Homeland Security Hurricane Modification Workshop Department of Homeland Security Hurricane Modification Workshop…..

2009 – US/UK Joint Inquiry on Geoengineering: House Hearings November 5, 2009 – Geoengineering: Assessing the Implications of Large-Scale Climate Intervention. US House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Energy and Environment. Witness Testimony: Dr. Ken Caldeira, Mr. John Shepherd, Mr. Lee Lane, Dr. James Fleming, Dr. Alan Robock. January 13, 2010 – The Regulation of Geoengineering. Geoengineering House of Commons Science and …….

2010 – DHS Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program (HAMP) “Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA) has embarked on what appears to be a hitherto missing key component of the hurricane research effort, HAMP … (which) adopts the view that a good way to understand a meteorological system is to perturb it in some way.” Contracts & Grants Connected to HAMP Studies HAMP (Project FY2008-06-16) ……

2012 – Project LUCY in the Sky with Diamonds: Atmospheric Methane Destruction Project LUCY aims to turn erupting arctic methane vents into artificial noctilucent cloud making volcanoes. Two high-powered microwaves, like the HAARP facility’s Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), compress atmospheric methane into nano diamond powder to reflect sunlight back into space. Also see: The ANGELS Proposal (Arctic Natural Gas Extraction Liquefact…..

2015 – HAARP Ionospheric Heater Sold to University of Alaska, Back Online nstead of falling to the dozer blade, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has new life. In mid-August, U.S. Air Force General Tom Masiello shook hands with UAF’s Brian Rogers and Bob McCoy, transferring the powerful upper-atmosphere research facility from the military to the university. You may have heard of HAARP.

2017 – USDA Sprays Electrified Water Over Texas U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wesley C Hoffmann (Clint) from the Aerial Application Technology Research Agricultural Engineering division used an electrostatic sprayer (insecticide/pesticide) to spray tap water above cumulus clouds in order to induce rainfall.

2019 Hands Off Mother Earth Manifesto: A Permanent Ban on Geoengineering
110 civil society organizations and popular movements denounce geoengineering and demand an immediate stop to all open-air experiments. If your organization would like to join the fight against geoengineering and endorse the HOME Manifesto…..


Browse and download hundreds of papers and patents connected to Geoengineering and the depopulation agenda.

These are not condensation trails

Study the sky over the course of a day and you will see planes leaving long chemical trails that linger all day, This is part of the geoengineering efforts to ionize the sky as part of the ‘Smart Grid’.


Under a powerful microscope, tiny metal particles also known as smart dust is filling everything and everyone with heavily conductive radioactive technology as part of the Internet of Things.

geoengineering aircraft setup

The majority of planes flying today leaving trails are unmarked and without passengers, instead, the interior of the plane is filled with tanks of Aluminium, Barium, Strontium, and Lithium.