Thanks to the dedication of researchers and scientists such as Clifford Carnicom, Harald Kautz Vella, , Sofia Smallstorm many more, the mysterious disease known as Morgellons has been unraveled and brought to the public attention. Connecting the dots, researchers have found a link between Geoengineering and Morgellons disease.
After careful lab analysis particles found in the skin of Morgellons patients correlated with lab analysis, carried out by Harald Kautz Vella which showed the use of  “Piezoelectric Nanocrystals” and chemicals such as barium, titanium, and strontium chemical components found in jet aerosol spraying. 

The Morgellon’s culture has been allowed to grow under strict lab conditions and scientists such as Harald Kautz Vella has reported that Morgellons is a fungus mycelium which is airborne, communicable nanotechnology, invading human tissue to replicate into self-assembling, self-replicating; nanotubes, nanowires and nanoarrays with sensors sending out and receiving a radio signal through a plasmonic antenna.

He goes on to say ” Some carry genetically altered and spliced DNA/RNA. Their hollow fibres, read out the light fingerprint of your DNA transform into an electromagnetic radio signal that is detectable via satellite and ground stations. These nanomachines thrive in alkaline pH conditions and use the body’s bio-electric energy and other (unidentified) elements for power’ The symptoms vary, but you can commonly find skin lesions from which red and blue nylon fibres emerge”


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Back in 1982, during the Falkland war, a process known as spoofer spraying whereby vast areas of the sky were sprayed with an aerosol to hide planes from radar systems, these particles were found to be conductive enough to send and receive radio signals. Today this technology is being utilised for radio communications but uses smaller metal particles known as nanotechnology. These tiny particles are now in the bloodstream and brain blood barrier of every species on the planet bringing everyone online through the Internet of Things or the Smart Grid. The body is working hard to isolate these particles which have enabled a fungus to grow to house the foreign particles. At this point, it is possible to see red and blue nylon type threads coming out of the skin. There is some evidence that these tiny machines possess their own internal batteries. They are also believed to be able to receive a specific frequency. Medical professionals have no answer for this mysterious disease and patients are told that they have Delusional Parasitosis, which is then treated with psycho-pharmaca.

10-15 years ago, one of the network specialists at NASA published internal papers on their website. This paper, named Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare was kept online for 3 days before personnel removed it. In this period of time members of the public to download the papers and they have now been public domain ever since. The documents were presented in a PowerPoint presentation, which was intended for internal training in order to discuss the current and future technologies of warfare. In their paper, they mention “nanobots” and “smart dust”- the aluminum coating of plastic surfaces and nylon synthesis, especially fibres, particulates have now been found in the Morgellons victim´s bodies.

Many scientists now speak out about the strong evidence linking chemtrail aerosol spraying to the Morgellons fibres found coming out of patients bodies. This leads to the possibility that we are dealing with bio weapons designed and distributed to give electromagnetic access to the nervous system. The intelligence community involving synthetic biology and self-assembling Nano-machines are part of a system to track and influence civilians whether they are aware of this or not. These corporations are now treading on a dangerous path of human experimentation that will cause huge public outcry once properly surfaced. For a more scientific overview please read “Integrated Geospatial-Intelligence Solutions”. Harald Kautz Vella – The Chemistry In Contrails.

symptoms of morgellons

It is thought that we are ALL dealing with Morgellons and 99% of us live with them embedded somewhere in the body, our biology keeps the fungus population level low but in 1% of people, skin lesions appear. The Morgellons disease is a fungus, created by the body to contain these foreign particles. If the chemical environment in the human body is very acidic the fungus will grow rapidly. The lesions do not scab, heal extremely slowly and never become infected. Morgellons victims feel brain fog, fatigue, depression and the sensation of insects crawling under their skin. 

Red and Blue Morgellons
Morgellons first grows through the cell tissue, including – according to radionic testing – bones and brain. To reproduce, the fungus crosses through the stomach barrier and developed its fruiting bodies within the intestines, and sometimes also within the uterus. According to one single patient with strong symptoms, one live cycle of these fruiting bodies takes 28 days.
The fruiting bodies carry humanoid morphogenesis. Typical properties of the fruiting body are a shrimp-like form with a hip, ahead with a distinct forehead similar to the human embryo in the 20th week of pregnancy, naval cord, a reptile shaped tail, and one single insect eye. There are male and female forms, who might form unisexual multiple Siamese twins within one fruiting body. The female forms are rather oval and carry pearl-chain-like patterns of red eggs or stem cells under their skin, which has been described by the Carnicom institute as modified human red blood cells that basically withstand everything, burning with a Bunsen flame, deep freezing, vacuum and treatment with acids.

The male forms are rather slim and produce a single “bulbous” like structure, i.e. something resembling the male reproductive organ of a spider. The single insect eye at the same time is the reproductive organ of the fungus itself, producing transparent multi-layered hexagonal structures carrying the spores of the fungus. Harald Kautz Vella from
In one of Harald Kautz Vella lectures, he explains that the capability of this technology is to be able to create a read-write unit. Here you can take one person’s anger, digitalise it, put it on an antenna and then address a larger group of people. If these newly targeted people have this biology in their system they will feel the same experience of anger. 

When you look at the fibers produced in a Morgellons victim´s body, you see only two colours: blue and red.
Blue is the colour light our DNA processes when we think. Red is the colour light our DNA processes when we experience our sexuality. Harald goes on to explain that this technology can control our egos and our sexuality through radio signals.Lab analysis carried out by Harald Kautz Vella showed the use of  “Piezoelectric Nanocrystals” and chemicals such as barium, titanium and strontium. 

freeing yourself from morgellons

Harald Kautz Vella explains that in order to restore health we need to establish a healthy environment within the human body. By removing the acids, taking out the heavy metals, curing the function of the liver and remove all traces of antibiotics, which completely disturb our system and irritate our bodies’ candida environment. Vaccinations and antibiotics will make the problem worse, as these disturb our natural system.

Following the opinion, of leading scientists, the best way to heal such infections without side effects is to readjust the biochemical environment within the body of the patient. At the same time, a strict diet is suggested, avoiding meat, milk products, alcohol, refined sugar, coffee, and all products with glyphosate contamination. The aspect of ecologically grown food is not only important to guarantee the availability of nutrients but also to avoid any uptake of Glyphosate. The introduction of Glyphosate in the US correlates with the occurrence of autism with children. Glyphosate is known to kill off all but one pathogenic e.coli bacterium, which disables the environment in the lower intestines to expel poisons from the body and take in nutrients. Also, Glyphosate blocks the choline before it can be taken up by the intestines. Choline is responsible for the transport of nutrients & poisons, as well as neurotransmitters.

According to Harald Kautz Vella, it is not important to kill the fungus, but simply to re-adjust the body’s system back to normal.
After Aquarius Technologies evaluated a number of interviews with heavy Morgellons cases, it was revealed that a repeating pattern of previous diseases is forming seem to form an environment that supports the outbreak of a heavy Morgellons infection. These previous diseases are: Cryptopyroluria, camouflaged candida and Lyme disease.

Cryptopyroluria – Originally was a genetically caused disease that blocks the ability of the body to take up vitamin B6 and zinc. A lack of vitamin B6 and zinc affects the ability of the body to detox. 2-3% of the population was affected. Nowadays 30-40% of the population are affected by a secondary cryptopyroluria caused by mercury poisoning.  This problem can be treated with mineral and vitamin supplements available form

Candida mutuation – Camouflaged candida is a mutation of normal candida-forms. They appear after the application of antibiotics and a follow-up treatment with anti-mycotics. The immune system hence loses its ability to recognise and attack these candida-enclaves. The c-candida lives from glucose only. By fermenting sugar it produces acids and various myco-toxins. 

Lyme disease is known to produce a high variety and amounts of toxins and acids, as well as to use up essential minerals like magnesium. Lyme disease with individually adjusted radionics.
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Morgellons disease has not been officially recognised by the pharmaceutical industry and has no legal frame to develop any treatment. The only products that can be offered legally are supplements or of energetic, radionic or infopathic character.
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Skin Lesions From a Morgellons Patient

Lesions that never heal, feelings of something crawling under the skin.


Grown under lab conditions, the fibres found coming out of the skin of a Morgellons patient develops into red and blue nylon fibres.

Blue Morgellons

The blue fibres try to come out of the body.