School Letter

Note: This letter was found in my telegram folder. I do not know the author. I will credit them if they make themselves known. This letter has been very carefully written to avoid misunderstandings and give the schools no ‘wriggle room’ whatsoever, so please do not alter content unless you check it with us. You can, of course, amend the he/she appropriately. The word property is important. Please do not change this.

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Dear <first name only>

Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal

Re: e.g. Emily of the family Thomson, etc (amend as needed)

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Protocols

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for everything you have done so far. We do, however, have some concerns about the government coronavirus/COVID-19 Protocols which we wish to address. Our son/daughter is precious to us and we need to feel that you can be trusted to abide by our wishes.

Who ‘owns’ our son/daughter (or our young man/ young woman)? (*Do not use the terms child or children – ever! These are statutory terms)

The government has put various ‘coronavirus/COVID-19 Protocols’ in place. These are not laws but statutes. Statutes require the consent of those they apply to, before they can be taken ‘as law’. This means you have no lawful authority over my/our son/daughter whatsoever unless you have my/our written permission. <son/daughter’s first name> is the property of <my name> and my <partner’s name>. The government cannot assume ownership of <son/daughter’s first name>. Consent cannot be assumed or presumed. Under Common Law <son/daughter’s first name> is our property and not the property of the government. This mean that whilst in your care, you will abide by our wishes first and foremost, and not those of government. If anything happens to my son/daughter that goes against our wishes you will be held liable in your private capacity. We do not say this to be vexatious but to avoid any future misunderstandings.

Real evidence for COVID-19

Currently there is no real evidence for COVID-19 or the protocols which have been put in place to deal with it. In addition, the CDC (USA) have just announced that of the original 150,000 individuals who had supposedly died from COVID-19, less than 10,000 actually died. Similar figures are now emerging from around the world. This is less serious than seasonal flu, which does not require such measures. COVID-19 has never been isolated despite generous offers of a reward. The tests which have been recommended does not test for COVID -19, but instead, pick up a range of coronaviruses and even tests positive for fruit. We will, of course, be happy to review the evidence and amend our beliefs if you feel you can provide this evidence? Failure to provide the evidence is your tacit agreement that there is no such evidence and so the coronavirus/COVID-19 measures are not required.


We do not consent to vaccines for [son/daughters first name], and now that he/she is approaching an age where he/she may be considered Gillick competent, it is important to ensure that you understand he/she does not consent to them. We are putting this in writing to make it absolutely clear and so there is no misunderstanding of this fact. This applies to any vaccines given in any format. Criminal coercion may not be used to persuade <son/daughters first name> to accept a vaccine under any circumstances. My son/daughter comprehends the risks of vaccinations and chooses not to receive them. Affixed to this letter is a short, written statement from <son/daughters first name> confirming this. I know there can sometimes be confusion on vaccination days and those who have been opted out of vaccination nevertheless receive them, and that sometimes vaccination days happen without warning, so I just felt for extra peace of mind for me and <son/daughters first name>, we would make our position absolutely clear. Failure to abide by this will be considered as criminal assault and you will be held liable in your private capacity.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 testing

We do not feel that schools are the place for unlicensed medical procedures or tests to take place. Therefore, we do not consent to coronavirus/COVID-19 testing. If <son/daughter first name> develops symptoms of illness, I will keep him/her at home as I would with any other illness. Again, failure to abide by this will be considered as criminal assault and you will be held liable in your private capacity.

Temperature checking

Please note that I do not consent to my son/daughter being tested at the forehead with an infrared thermometer gun. I am not comfortable with the psychological connotations of my son/daughter repeatedly having a gun pointed at his/her head, and there may also be short and long-term safety issues with aiming this instrument directly at a developing brain. Temperature checking does not confirm a disease. Again, failure to abide by this will be considered as criminal assault and will be held liable in your private capacity.

Track and trace

We do not give our consent for any track and trace scheme and do not want our contact details passed over to the NHS, private company or any other agency for the purposes of tracking and tracing. None of our data may be shared, without my written consent. If you do so you will be held liable in your private capacity.

Mask wearing

We wish to make clear our position on masks. You may also not discriminate against <son/daughter first name> in any way for not wearing a mask. Masks reduce oxygen consumption, increases re-breathing of carbon dioxide and will increase the risk of bacterial skin and lung infections. Again, failure to abide by this will be considered as a criminal assault and you will be held liable in your private capacity.

Detention or quarantine

We do not consent to the detainment of my son/daughter on school premises or elsewhere for any reason. I expect him/her to return home at the usual time every day unless I have given my express written permission otherwise. Failure to return my son/daughter at the allotted time/place will result in kidnap charges.

Hand sanitisers

We do not consent to my son/daughter using hand sanitiser. Hand sanitisers contain powerful chemicals that permeate the skin and enter the bloodstream, as well as being implicated in causing dermatitis and destroying vital beneficial bacteria on the skin – essential for maintaining a strong immune system. We consent only to conventional washing with safe soap and safe water which has been proven to be just as effective.

We require a reply within 7 days and confirm the acceptance of our terms. If you do not reply, we will take that as tacit agreement to the terms herein.

(optional section) If you feel unable to accept all of our terms, please confirm in writing and we will arrange to have <son/daughter first name> removed from the school. We will arrange home education instead. Thank you for your time.

All words, terms, phrases, symbols, colours and numbers herein, mean what we say they mean and are not open to interpretation.

Sincerely and without ill will, vexation or frivolity.

By: <first name> of the family <last name>.

All Rights and Freedoms Reserved.

I, < son/daughter first name>, do not consent to receiving vaccinations, Coronavirus/COVID-19 testing or wearing a mask. I understand the risks. If I am vaccinated or tested or forced to wear a mask it will have been fully under duress, and a criminal activity.