The Chair Of The Estates – Probate Court

Westminster is a separate principality of the Inner City of London which is itself an independent international city-state and part of the municipal government established by the Holy See.

You may recall certain annual ceremonies where the Queen knocks on the door of Westminster and is admitted by the Lord Mayor? And then she walks behind him in procession, head bowed? This is because she has entered the separate jurisdiction of Westminster, which does not strictly speaking, exist on British soil.

To claim and exercise her dominion over the land jurisdiction (deeper than 6 inches), the Queen does not occupy her throne at all. It is the underground portion that she retains and gloms onto — the realm of the dead and our mineral resources.

This is why all the murders and child sacrifices and other dirty business always occurs underground. This is why Princess Di was killed in a tunnel. This is the “Royal Secret”. This is how Elizabeth could take The Coronation Oath with her living breath and promise to honour the Public Law and all the other good things that The Coronation Oath requires, and then, three days later, turn around and break it all.

Three days after the Coronation, she stepped down from the actual Throne, occupied The Chair of Estates, and has remained there doing the dirty work and ruling over the dead realm ever since.

And so, while she is busy claiming the land and that means the physical land estates of the dead — her consort, Prince Philip, is just as busy claiming the assets of all the various “PERSONS” — also dead entities that belong to the realm of the dead.

The Probate Court

King Henry VIII in breaking with Rome created his own raft of Cestui Que Vie Trusts cemented in 1666 under Charles II. With the installing of (Queen Elizabeth Windsor) Saxa Coburg and Gotha on the throne of Britain, Rome began the road to retake power leading to the illegitimate Monarch that is Queen Elizabeth II, who has undone everything achieved by Elizabeth I, the daughter of Henry VIII. (The Tudors were backed by the House Stanley and House Pallavacini)

Vatican II finalised the Jesuit and thus the secret society combine takeover of the entire Vatican system allowing futurism to become the real script religion would follow.

England became a de facto German possession in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and the House of Wettin has ruled it ever since. This comes as a great shock to many in Britain.

Victoria’s son inherited the Title to England but privately ruled as a German prince.

This “tradition” has carried on through two World Wars that have decimated Germany—- because the House of Wettin wanted it that way.

Both England and Germany have suffered because of this “two-handed game” of the House playing against itself.

Today the High Priestess of this literally money worshiping Cult is the Queen’s Cousin, Lady Somerset, and its HQ in the British Isles is Glamis Castle, in Scotland.

As has been proven by the landmark court case, “JAH vs. Regina”, the present Queen served a total of three days as a Christian Monarch, before abdicating that position and occupying The Chair of the Estates, the “throne” of the Probate Court, and proceeded to have everyone in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales declared legally dead, in order to control and prey upon the estates of the victims of this con game.

The lawful people are declared “legally” dead and the further claim is made that they died intestate, without a Will, so that the Black Robed priests can come in under the guise of probate executors acting for the “government” as the presumed beneficiary and administer the assets of the estates.

You are considered an asset and chattel property of your own estate.

The same thing has been done around the world, and the perpetrators have been assisted by the Roman Catholic Church and the City of Rome and the entire worldwide Municipal Government System which includes Vatican City, Rome, New York, the United Nations, Washington, DC., the Inner City of London and numerous other self-proclaimed “independent, international city-states”.

Within most constitutional monarchies, notably the Commonwealth realms, the Crown is not the Monarch.

Although the office and office-holder, conceptually speaking, retain dual capacities in that they may act both in a corporate capacity (as Monarch) and in an individual capacity (as a private person), they are inseparably fused in law, which is to say that there is no legal distinction between the office of the crown/sovereign and the individual person who holds it. The Crown can enter into contracts and possess property, and it is in this way that the Crown (state) legally acts as a person.

Conceptually speaking, the person of the Monarch (officeholder) may hold properties privately, distinct from property he or she possesses corporately, and may act as Monarch separate from their personal acts. For example, Elizabeth II as a natural person holds several separate offices, such as Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen of Canada, Queen of Australia, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, etc., which are all distinct corporation soles, and at the same time, she may also act as a natural person in a private capacity separate and apart from her role filling these various offices (corporations). This functions in the same way as the office of Prime Minister for example, which may have use of certain properties and privileges, such as an official residence and decision-making powers, however, these assets do not belong to the officeholder in a private capacity and thus remain with the office once the office holder leaves, and at the same time, the officeholder may own property such as a house or a car in a private non-office related capacity.

The sovereign’s status as a corporation sole ensures that all references to the Queen, the King, Her Majesty, His Majesty, and the Crown are all synonymous and refer to exactly the same legal personality over time. While natural persons who serve as sovereign may pass on, the sovereign never dies in law, thus it is the corporate nature of the office of the sovereign that ensures that the authority of the state continues uninterrupted, as successive persons occupy the office.

Subsequently, the sovereign is made a corporation sole to prevent the possibility of disruption or interregnum preserving the stability of the Crown (state), and so at the moment of the demise of the sovereign, a successor is immediately and automatically in place.

Having the Crown as a corporation sole means that the legal person of the sovereign is the personification of the state, and subsequently acts as the guarantor of the rule of law and the fount of all executive authority behind the state’s institutions. As certain countries such as Australia and Canada have federal systems of Government, the sovereign in these cases also possesses capacities as a distinct corporation sole in right of each of the Australian states and Canadian provinces, for example as Her Majesty the Queen of Australia in Right of Queensland and Her Majesty the Queen of Canada in Right of Alberta.