The DEAD baby Scam

The false probate of estates, the contracting with minors, the false claims of guardianship, the false claims of abandonment, pauperism, claims of “legal” death, and claims of commonwealth interest in the estates of “infant decedents” vastly predates the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 – Dead Lost At Sea (See) and goes all the way back to the Church in the Middle Ages.

It began when Midwives and Clergy in the Middle Ages couldn’t account for what a placenta was. It appeared to them to be a hideously mis-shapened, malformed, living being– a monster– that had a pulse, to begin with, but which always mysteriously died shortly after a baby was born. Not knowing any better, they assumed it was a sort of Twin to the child, and named it after the child, and buried it. This is the genesis of The Strawman (your legal DEAD ENTITY PERSON) and the practices associated with creating and justifying the existence of an “infant decedent” and probating its estate.

Of course, we now know what a placenta is and how it functions, but the Church had benefited so royally from all these extra estates being donated to it, that the evil legal practices associated with this Medieval ignorance have carried right on into the present day — and gotten worse.

Kurt Kallenbach – an amazing researcher has followed the thread of the Cestui Que Vie Act (Dead Lost at Sea) forward to its modern-day conclusion and he found that what started off as superstitious ignorance in the Middle Ages, has born fruit as a gargantuan system of fraud and predation by purported service organisations (Government) today.

A system so cleverly designed that their practices, when explained to the layman, seem so ridiculous that many believe these claims to be untrue. That is the problem here, many think using their perception only. They believe that the average man or woman would not be involved in such acts of crime, therefore it isn’t true.

This gives a clearer view of the difficulties of what we are engaged in. A true spiritual war in which witches and sorcerers who engage in Black Magic and blood sacrifices do things like candlelit parades around effigies of Dead Babies at Olympic events, (see video link 11 minutes and 5 seconds), you will also spot Boris Johnson rise from a hospital bed (see video link at 6 minutes 35 seconds).

I wish it wasn’t true, but it is.

The average man or woman will find it easier to just shoot the messenger, label us all ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ (modern-day witch-burning). But all this is true, it is fact, and it requires a certain maturity to comprehend the deception being perpetrated.

Go to the hospital and ask to see the records of your birth or the births of your children. There’s no record of you giving birth. No record of your children being born. No record of their names. No billing statements. No medical charts. No paperwork at all, unless the birth is very recent. This is because the hospital sends the “titles for the placenta” to Rome to be traded on a dirty underground stock market, that purports to buy and sell souls. These filthy incorporated church franchises trade something that purportedly “represents” your soul, for money. And yes, there are people deluded and crazy enough to buy these stocks too.

Unless you specifically ask for it back, the hospital seizes upon the placenta as property and retains it. They also claim the DNA “found” in the placenta — your DNA — as “abandoned property”. This then gives them the right, purportedly, to claim you right down to your hair and fingernails.

Like all other such claims, it is fraudulent non-disclosed theft and crime against babies and new Mothers, but if you don’t come back and claim your DNA, their false claim stands in commerce.

It is becoming ever more important and critical to claim your DNA as the move is on to create “Biological ID” devices, cards, readers, etc. for use in banking and Government. And, if they have already claimed your DNA, they can claim any assets attached to that DNA.

Just recently on one of the major GCR/RV sites, it was announced that people seeking to exchange Dinar and Zims will be required to give two drops of blood and get a Bio ID based on their DNA. This is an attempt to own us and our assets.

And with the current CovID-19 (Certificate of Vaccination ID 2019 – A Bio ID passport) soon to be released, being your only method to buy and sell. It has never been more important to secure one of the most precious assets you own.  Your DNA.