The Health Protection Coronavirus Regulation 2020

In March of this year (2020) the De-facto (registered corporation) Government, issued the Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulation 2020. A few paragraphs have been included so you can see how the word PERSON is used. You will also see that throughout the legislation they drop the word person and use the letter P (Pauper). Detention of persons by the Secretary of State or a registered public health consultant

4.—(1) Where Condition A or B is met in relation to a person (“P”), the Secretary of State or a registered public health consultant may, for the purposes of screening, assessment and the imposition of any restrictions or requirements under regulation 5, impose on P a requirement to be detained until the later of— (a)the end of the period of 48 hours beginning with the time from which P’s detention under this regulation begins;

(b)such time as any screening requirements imposed on or in relation to P under regulation 5(1) have been complied with and the assessment referred to in that regulation carried out in relation to P.


13.—(1) Where a requirement is imposed on a person to be detained or kept in isolation under regulation 4, 5 or 8, a constable may do any of the following—

(a)take the person to a suitable place, specified by the Secretary of State or a public health officer, for the person’s detention or isolation;

(b)keep the person in detention or isolation.

(2) Where a person absconds from detention or isolation imposed under regulation 4, 5 or 8, a constable may take the person into custody and return the person to the place of detention or isolation, or take the person to another suitable place specified by a public health officer.

(3) A constable may use reasonable force, if necessary, in the exercise of a power under this regulation.

Government legislation is for Government employees ONLY to follow, NOT YOU. This is to protect the creditors, and the taxpayers, from lawsuits through harm or loss due to government employees. Legislation is there to protect the Government from being sued by the populations. Therefore we can claim that the split Title, the mimic, of the flesh and blood Man, is a fictitious person that has an identity in Commerce, only.

A legal person can be sued and can sue, not within the realm of law but in the realm of commerce. It is a separate entity from the flesh and blood Man but through some serious wizardry, they have you contract through it and therefore gain a hold on your body, soul, property, goods and land.

It is the PERSON that the Government is acting upon. They have title to this PERSON.

The Health Regulation (Coronavirus) Regulation 2020, is legislation that only applies to incorporated entities (PERSONS), such as Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, and any other Public Servant; such as Judges, and Police. They do not apply to you, the living breathing sentient man or woman who is not a corporation. You did not contract with the Crown Corporation, or sign any other contract when you were only a few weeks old.

You do not have to consent to this legislation, but by answering to your name, giving your details over to officials, or accepting their help, will create joinder with a silent adhesion contract. This again takes us back to the Birth Certificate, and its relationship to Unam Sanctam where registering your child has signed ownership to them over to the CROWN Corporation. Where they have full control, and can fine you, vaccinate you, and incarcerate you.

When they come to remove a child and place them in care or put you in prison, they are not coming for the living entity. They are coming for the legal entity, the PERSON.

They can never act upon your living being, only the PERSON. Not knowing the difference means you have become a slave in your own ignorance.