The Mother of All Debt and Death Entrapment

Tens of thousands of military contact tracers will be coming to your home, and they will force you to be tested for Coronavirus and if they find you positive they will take people out of their homes, including children, and quarantine them in Government or private camps. Under the guise that you are a PERSON (P) and subject to the Health Protection Coronavirus 2020 Regulation. 

PERSONS – Are subject to Government acts and statutes, acts and statutes only apply to Public Servants, and corporations, such as Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock. They do not apply to you, the living man or woman, unless you consent. Consent can be given by tacit agreement (silence is considered consent), giving your name, answering to your name, signing your name, answering yes to the question, do you understand? Are just a few ways you will contract with them.

There is a hidden language being used, you believe that the officers are speaking in plain English, when in fact they are not. They are speaking in a language called ‘legalese’, (a corrupted version of our English language) where for example, the word understand means stand under and MUST is synonymous to MAY.

So if an officer asks you do you understand? What he is really asking is do you stand under his authority? Your reply should always be a polite, NO.

At best only want to SAY THESE THREE SENTENCES;

I do not wish to contract with you

Is there an injured party?

Am I free to go?

If you are in your home or automobile, do not open any windows or doors. If they break a window or door, they have committed a Common Law Offence, by doing harm. You can let them know they will be billed individually (not their corporation) for the damages, and any time they place you in authorised incarceration.

Let us not forget that you pay the Government and the Police. They are YOUR EMPLOYEES. If you do not want to talk to them, you do not have to. Approaching you, asking you for your details, any threatening or forceful behaviour. Is harassment, harm, and trespass. 

If anyone tries to tell you that the Health Regulation Coronavirus 2020 Regulation is the law. This is not true; for the simple reason that acts, statutes and legislation only becomes law by consent, and in order to break the law there must always be an injured party.

No injured party, no crime. Because, in order for a law to be broken, someone needs compensating for the harm, and injury you have caused. The Health Protection Coronavirus 2020 Regulation has nothing to do with law, it is simply to furnish the bankers and large corporations.

The Police are only meant to concern themselves with crime, not Government statutes otherwise they are aiding crimes against humanity, human trafficking, slavery, and many more odious crimes.

The police have not been de-funded, because of George Floyd (a convicted murderer), the Police are being de-funded because of the current Global bankruptcy and re-construction. Cleverly MASKED as the Coronavirus Pandemic.

You are involved in the biggest wealth transfer in history, whether you want to be or not. And to make matters worse we now have organised crime networks such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter roaming our streets. Those who are taking part have little awareness that they are bringing down their own public buildings and destroying the future for themselves and the rest of mankind.